I’m Eliza Orlins and I’m a public defender in Manhattan. In 2004, I was the youngest contestant on the CBS reality television show Survivor. I finished in fourth place out of 18 contestants, lasting 37 out of 39 days before being voted off, in a season that was filmed in Vanuatu. Then in 2008, I returned to Survivor on a season called Fans vs. Favorites, as a favorite. Duh.

I’m currently taking a yearlong sabbatical from my amazing job in NYC to spend the year in Asia. For the first six months I’ll be in Beijing working for a non-profit legal aid organization representing migrant workers. Then, for the subsequent six months, I’ll be, what I like to call an “international hobo.” I’ll be backpacking and traveling through Asia (mostly Southeast Asia). Feel free to email me with suggestions! Thanks for reading! xoxo, Eliza